Sahar Dolatshahi
Date Of Birth
Born in
Tehran, Iran
 41 years old

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Sahar Dolatshahi‎‎ born in 1979 in Tehran is an Iranian film, television and stage actress.

She made her acting debut in 2001, going on to appear on the silver screen in 'Morning’s Child' (2004). In 2006, she experienced acting on the small screen in 'Hodhod Bookstore'.

Some of the series she has appeared in are 'The Passengers' (2009), 'No Pain, No Gain' (2010), 'Family Conspiracy' (2010), 'Heart of Ice' (2011) and 'Red Cap' (2015).

Dolatshahi has also appeared in other films, including 'Fireworks Wednesday' (2005), 'While We Sleep' (2008) and 'Metropol' (2013).

She has worked with many famous directors in films such as 'Gold and Copper' (2008), for which she was nominated for a Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award at the 14th Iran Cinema Celebration.

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